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UTAH Concealed Firearm Permit Class

Utah (non-resident) Concealed Firearms Permit Class

Utah Certified Instructor Concealed Firearms  

Concealed carry permit holders know how important the Utah CFP is if you travel, whether for business or pleasure. We ae a certified Utah State Instructor, we teach an approved Utah course which also satisfies the requirement for a Virginia Concealed Handgun Permit.


Utah like Virginia does not require a live fire qualification. The Utah CFP is the most recognized non-resident, therefore the most popular. We follow a strict outline set forth by the state of Utah’s Bureau of Criminal Investigation who oversees the issuance of that states Concealed Firearm Permit. We are mandated to cover points of safety, responsibility for the firearm and ownership.


With the Utah class you will receive everything you need to apply for both the Utah & Virginia Concealed Permit. Once you receive your permits, you will be able to carry in over 30 states. It will be your responsibility to know what states you can carry and their laws for concealed carry.


This class is a minimum of 5 hours. We will cover all safety, handgun function & operation, ammunition (different types), holster safety, storage, and liability.

The fee for the Utah permit is $63.25

This class like all our class can be used to also apply for a Florida non-resident permit, though they do require a live fire qualification.

The fee for this class must be paid for in advance.

An email will be sent with necessary forms that need to be brought to class.