Practicing or protecting, every round belongs on target.


COURSE DESCRIPTION:  Active Threat Civilian Defense is designed for people who work in corporations, schools, or religious entities. This program is facilitated by a 2-4 hour presentation. Direct instruction topics include: Understanding the Human Reaction to Disaster, History of Active Shooter events, and Preparedness Measures for All. This course enables your workforce or membership with knowledge for response to work place violence or active shooter event. What your organization does matters!

COURSE OBJECTIVE: Upon Completion of this course, students will be trained in the following areas:
• Strategic considerations for crisis response
• Awareness of the structure and history of Active Shooter event
• Minimum principles of workplace and facility safety

COURSE LENGTH: (8) hours
TARGET AUDIENCE: Facility security personnel and all other personnel who work in corporations, schools, or for religious organizations
RECOMMENDED CLASS SIZE: 12 – 15 students
MIN/MAX CLASS SIZE: Minimum of (5) student / Maximum of 50
PRICE: Please contact us for class costs/expenses.*

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